The move comes after the exit of publisher Knight Landesman amid allegations of sexual harassment.


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Artforum Editor-in-Chief Michelle Kuo Resigns, David Velasco to Succeed Her [Updated]

Michelle Kuo.


Artforum’s editor-in-chief, Michelle Kuo, has resigned, ARTnews has learned. She will close out her tenure with the January 2018 issue.

The news broke hours after the resignation of the magazine’s publisher, Knight Landesman, who has been accused of sexual harassment in a suit filed today by art fair director Amanda Schmitt. Several more women have come forward to make similar accusations about Landesman since allegations were first reported yesterday.

According to one source close to the situation, Kuo submitted her letter of resignation last Wednesday, October 18. A spokesperson for Artforum confirmed that date.

“The January issue of Artforum will mark the end of Michelle Kuo’s tenure as editor,” Artforum publishers Anthony Korner, Charles Guarino, and Danielle McConnell said in a statement given to ARTnews. “During her time at Artforum, Ms. Kuo has continued to uphold Artforum’s highest standards, editing groundbreaking issues on the subjects of political art, race, gender, and revolution.”

Replacing her as editor will be Editor David Velasco, who has worked at the publication since 2005. He will begin his tenure with the February 2018 issue. Kuo began as editor-in-chief in April 2010, replacing Tim Griffin.

Update, 9:30 p.m.: Reporting about the timing of Kuo’s resignation has been added to this post.
Update, 11:15 p.m.:
Artforum’s confirmation of the date of Kuo’s resignation has been added.

Sarah Douglas and Andrew Russeth contributed reporting.

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