Salon 94 Now Represents Lyle Ashton Harris

Lyle Ashton Harris, Lyle by Tommy Gear, Venice, 1992, 1992.


Lyle Ashton Harris is now represented by Salon 94 gallery, which plans to show the photographer’s work in a solo exhibition at the New York gallery in fall 2018. His work is also the subject of new monograph, Lyle Ashton Harris: Today I Shall Judge Nothing That Occurs, just published by Aperture. At Salon 94, he joins a roster that also includes Judy Chicago, Takeshi Murata, Jayson Musson, and Laurie Simmons.

Harris is best known for combining the personal and the political with photographs, installations, and videos that address matters of identity. At the Whitney Biennial earlier this year, Harris debuted an installation that meditated on LGBTQI and African diasporic communities of decades past. It was a typical work for Harris in its reliance on archival imagery and its melancholy air.

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, the owner of Salon 94, said in a statement, “I’m honored to have Lyle join the gallery. His provocative self portraits in Thelma Golden’s seminal 1994 ‘Black Male’ exhibition at the Whitney have been screaming out to me for decades. He was equal parts femme fatale and ancient god. His portrayal of the black body—both female and male—represented a shift in our perceptions of African-American masculinity. Lyle’s fearless candor expands to all of his work, challenging our views on race, gender, and sexuality, while making elegant iconic images.”

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