Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

Frank Stella Takes to the Sky

A Stella ad in the heavens.


The competition for attention from art types is fierce this week in Miami, with fairs and galleries, museums and private collections, and all sorts of events attempting to draw in crowds. It’s enough to make you sympathize with the communications professionals involved. How do make yourself stand out from the pack?

The NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale has adopted the novel strategy of taking to the sky, with an airplane flying a banner for one of its current shows, “Frank Stella: Experiment and Change,” over beaches in Miami. As you can see in the image above, the ad is a handsome thing, and it seems to be working, as multiple people have mentioned it to me.

Some may recall that this is not the first time that artwork has been found in the skies above Miami during Art Basel. In 2012, Adam Shopkorn organized a show of text pieces carried by planes, each created by artists like Mel Bochner and Gary Simmons, which was also quite charming.

The work on the NSU banner is a 1974 Stella, Lettre sur les sourds et muets II. Those on the hunt for more Stella can head to Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center tomorrow and peruse some of his works at the booth for New York’s Marianne Boesky gallery, which represents the artist with Lévy Gorvy, and Gemini G.E.L.

In the meantime, if you’re in Miami let this post and this advertisement serve as a reminder: Don’t forget to hit the beach!

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