Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

House for Sale: Group Show Takes Up Residence in Miami Beach Abode

The unlisted site on the Sunset Islands of “Nobody Owns the Beach.”


A listing for a four-bedroom, three-bath house within the gated community of Sunset Island in Miami Beach promises “a large spacious living room,” an “oversized kitchen perfect to enjoy ‘family breakfast time’ or ‘gourmet dinner parties,’ ” and “enormous hedges, creating a private and tranquil oasis.” What it does not mention is that, through Sunday, it is also home to an experiment-minded group exhibition called “Nobody Owns the Beach.”

Blue Ruin, a curatorial duo comprised of Agnes Bolt and Anna Frost and billed as “a curatorial-business hybrid that examines the high-end real estate market through contemporary fine art art exhibition,” is behind the show, which fittingly deals with the trappings and oppressiveness of luxury, how to survive in a world that generally seems to be melting down and flooding all over the place, and the strange burdens and uncanny forces acting on our bodies in this age.

The artists include Nina Beier, David Horvitz, Andrea Longacre-White, and Tori Wrånes, and the whole project has been put together with the aid of the local curatorial group the Bas Fisher Invitational and Weichert Realtors, who are offering the house, which is really quite charming (I particularly like the ample second-floor terrace space and private pool), for $2.25 million.

Given the distinctly residential flavor of the affair’s location, its address is not to be published, but those who are interested in paying a visit to the house can drop an email to

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