Armory Week 2018 Pictures at an Exhibition

A Tour of the 2018 Spring/Break Art Show

View of “Kawita Vatanajyankur: Rituals Of Otherness,” curated by Alexandra Fanning, at the 2018 Spring/Break Art Show.


The Spring/Break Art Show, which is known for stuffing eye-popping installations into every nook and cranny of its host venues, returns to New York this week for its seventh edition, and its second on two floors of the former Condé Nast offices at 4 Times Square. This edition, titled “Stranger Comes to Town,” which opened yesterday, focuses on many of the pressing issues of our times, like migration and the xenophobia it can produce, as well as homophobia, racism, sexism, and assimilation. From a booth handing out stateless passports to work looking at the labor of immigrant women to a set of machines that protest for you, here’s a look around the fair on its opening night. Images of the fair follow below. For a full report on some of the highlights, head over to ARTnews’s coverage of Spring/Break by my colleagues Alex Greenberger and Claire Selvin.

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