Art Basel 2018 Market News

Volta Names New Location for 2018 Basel Edition

The Elsässerstrasse 215 space.


The 15th Basel edition of Volta will take place at Elsässerstrasse 215. The new site is a former COOP distribution center, and it is adjacent to Novartis Campus, the headquarters of the Basel-based healthcare company. In its new location, the fair will be a short walk from Voltaplatz, where Volta’s first-ever Basel show was held.

“Volta’s journey started 14 years ago at Voltaplatz in Basel, right around the corner from our latest venue,” Amanda Coulson, the artistic director of Volta, said in a statement. “Throughout the years, Volta consistently claimed new territory through content and location.”

Elsässerstrasse 215’s 2,500 square meters (about 26,900 square feet) will accommodate approximately 75 galleries from around the world. Volta’s preview will be held on June 11, several days before Art Basel opens to the public in the Swiss city, and it will run through June 16.

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