Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Receives $4.5 M. From Daniel and Brett Sundheim, Andrea B. LaPorte

Andrea B. LaPorte.


The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania has announced two major financial gifts totaling $4.5 million. Both gifts will primarily go toward the funding of new curatorial positions at the museum.

Daniel and Brett Sundheim—who has appeared on the ARTnews “Top 200 Collectors” list for the past three years—gave a total of $3 million, with $2.5 million going toward the chief curator position currently held by Anthony Elms; another $500,000 sum will go toward a new fund focused on outreach and community engagement. Andrea B. Laporte gave $1.5 million, which will now endow the associate curator position held by Kate Kraczon.

In a statement, Amy Sadao, the director of the ICA, said, “We’re incredibly grateful to University of Pennsylvania alumni Daniel and Brett Sundheim and to Andie Laporte for their visionary gifts, which enable ICA to remain at the forefront of contemporary art by securing long-term support for our curators and their ongoing work.”

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