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Morning Links: Ack! Edition

From Cathy Guisewite’s book Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault: Reflections and Rebellions From the Grown-Up Years.


New Met Director

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York named a new director: Max Hollein of the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco. [ARTnews]

Here’s the story as it looks from Hollein’s current hometown in California . . . [San Francisco Chronicle]

Sound Poetry

In tribute to “sound poetry” and an extremely intriguing festival called Other Minds, the San Francisco Chronicle weighed in on a voice-abstracting discipline practiced by the likes of Kurt Schwitters, Hugo Ball, Aram Saroyan, Jaap Blonk, Cecil Taylor, John Cage, and more. As the story goes, “sounds, sense, and syntax are capable of more surprising and intricate dances than we generally ask them to execute.” [San Francisco Chronicle]

In a profile in the New York Times Magazine, Tracy K. Smith, America’s poet laureate, says she yearns for silence. “More than anything now, I’m looking for the kind of silence that yields clarity. I’m interested in the way our voices sound when we dip below the decibel level of politics.” [The New York Times]


The Outsider Art Fair pulled the plug on a new edition that had been planned to run alongside Art Basel in Switzerland in June. Dealer Andrew Edlin, who runs the fair, said, “There were a lot of hurdles for the fair and our dealers to pull off an exhibit in Switzerland, perhaps a bit more than anticipated.” [Artnet News]

Wringing its hands over the spate of art fairs taking over the globe, the Economist writes, “There is no lack of interest—but there simply isn’t enough fine work to stock them all. So many fairs have had to change focus or to specialize.” [The Economist]

The Future

In the wake of Black Panther, the exhibition “In Their Own Form” at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago features 13 Afrofuturist artists who engaged “themes of time travel, technology, and heroism long before Marvel’s adventure hit the silver screen.” [The Guardian]

From the realm where science and art meet, it turns out that “psychologists, neurologists, and neuroscientists are forging alliances over the question of whether pleasure we get from art is somehow different from the pleasure we get from candy, sex, or drugs.” (One wonders: why not partake in all four at the same time and make a day of it?) [The New York Times]

Art has cropped up in some startling and surprising ways on walls along the U.S./Mexico border. [The New York Review of Books]


Ack! The cartoonist behind the decades-old comic strip “Cathy” has come out with a debut essay collection titled Fifty Things That Aren’t My Fault: Reflections and Rebellions From the Grown-Up Years. [The Washington Post]

In a column on how to bring new viewers to Old Masters, Bendor Grosvenor writes, “Each time I visit the Rijksmuseum, I’m in awe of how it succeeds in making Old Masters relevant and engaging to new audiences.” [The Art Newspaper]

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross paid tribute to the dearly departed avant-garde jazz pianist Cecil Taylor. [The New Yorker]

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