Pictures at an Exhibition

Teresa Margolles at PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Milan

Teresa Margolles, Pista de baile de la discoteca “Tlaquepaque” (Dance Floor of the Club “Tlaquepaque”), 2016, print on cotton paper showing a trans sex working standing on the floor of a demolished club dance floor in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.


Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.

Today’s show: “Teresa Margolles: Ya Basta Hijos de Puta” is on view at PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan through Sunday, May 20. The solo exhibition presents 14 installation works by the Mexican artist, whose work often seeks to memorialize those who have died from violent deaths, particularly the lives of trans sex workers. (Margolles was recently shortlisted for the Guggenheim’s 2018 Hugo Boss Prize.)

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