Sean Kelly Gallery Will Be Interviewing Major Collectors in Frieze Booth on Wednesday [Updated]

Ron Pizzuti will be speaking in the Sean Kelly booth.

The world’s top art collectors can be very private individuals. But, at the Frieze New York art fair this week, you’ll have the chance to hear some of them speak.

New York’s Sean Kelly Gallery plans to interview major collectors in their Frieze booth on Wednesday, the Randalls Island fair’s VIP day, as part of a podcast series that is a facet of a new initiative from the gallery called “Collect Wisely,” which will also include a billboard, ads (you may have already seen one in Artforum), and posters.

The collector interviews will include Ron Pizzuti (who is on the ARTnews “Top 200 Collectors” list) and Greg Miller. Inside the booth, the gallery will have a set-up that allows visitors to hear the interviews with the collectors, as a podcast is being recorded. The interviews will take place at 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 4:30 p.m.

Going forward, as part of “Collect Wisely,” the gallery will post several collector podcasts per month. A podcast interview with J. Tomilson Hill, who is soon to open his foundation’s exhibition space in Chelsea, will appear on the Sean Kelly website shortly as part of the series.

A mock-up of the billboard for “Collect Wisely,” set to appear this week. Courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery

The “Collect Wisely” campaign came out of Sean Kelly’s frustration with the conversation around collecting these days, feeling it has moved away from one about connoisseurship and passion, and toward one about investment. The ads he is placing in multiple magazines (including ARTnews’s website), and the posters that will appear on the outside of his gallery on 10th Avenue at 36th Street, will have phrases such as “Ever notice how artworks with the most hearsay often have the least to say” and “Think of an artwork’s place in history instead of in your living room.” Most visibly, Kelly is taking out space on a large billboard near his gallery and filing it with the words “Connoisseurship is not a dirty word.” The billboard and posters are set to go up this week.

“This is about taking it back to the origins of the art world and why we all originally did this,” Kelly, who opened his SoHo gallery in the early 1990s, told ARTnews earlier this month. “It’s about supporting artists. It’s about asking questions about the ecosystem of the whole endeavor” and “moving into a future that benefits artists, collectors, and institutions.”

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