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Dirty Looks Announces Core Programs, Venues for ‘On Location’ in Los Angeles

A rendering of the various “Dirty Looks: On Location” venues in Los Angeles.


The bicoastal art-film nonprofit Dirty Looks today detailed the upcoming edition of its “On Location” festival in Los Angeles, naming the four programs that will form the core of its month-long screening series of queer cinema in queer-oriented spaces.

“On Location” will launch on July 1 with an evening event titled “A Most Unusual Film Festival” that will seek to honor the 50th anniversary of the first homosexual film festival in Los Angeles—possibly the first in the world. That festival took place in the city’s MacArthur Park at the Park Theater, which had until then screened primarily independent cinema. Instead, perhaps with the aim of bolstering its ticket sales, the press release from Dirty Looks explains, it swapped “out its calendar of hetero cheesecake for a boundary-pushing slate of male-only content.”

“Well, it’s l’origine du monde,” Bradford Nordeen, Dirty Look’s founder and creative director, told ARTnews by phone. “It predicated a need for content and was a catalyst for creation. In terms of queer self-representation in film festivals, it starts at the Park Theater. It allowed for people who hadn’t been able to see themselves prior to this to go see homosexual culture on film.”

On Location’s “A Most Unusual Film Festival” will screen two films in 16mm from the 1968 festival and take place close to its original space, which is now a swap meet, at the Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth.

Also on deck for the L.A. edition of “On Location” is a survey of short films and documentation of the life of Zackary Drucker, an influential trans performance artist and filmmaker who has been a producer of the Amazon series Transparent since it premiered in 2014.

This “On Location” will, in addition, include a first look at a documentary about Circus of Books, a West Hollywood pornographic book store that will soon close, and a series of film screenings and installations of work by Gengoro Tagame at the Tom of Finland Foundation. Of note, among the venues that will host screenings is the former location of the Eastside working-class lesbian bar, Plush Pony, which served as the inspiration and site for a series of portraits by the late Chicana photographer Laura Aguilar.

Centerpiece Events:

– Sunday, July 1, 7:00 p.m., A Most Unusual Film Festival (50th Anniversary of the first L.A.
homosexual film festival) Dynasty Typewriter at The Hayworth Theater

– Sunday, July 8, 3:00 p.m., Hard to look at: Favorites & Rarities by Zackary Drucker, REDCAT

– Sunday, July 15, 7:00 p.m., A Peek inside Circus of Books: first look at the in-progress
documentary, Circus of Books

– Tuesday, July 31, 7:00 p.m., Gengoroh Tagame’s VHS Pornspiration, Tom of Finland Foundation

Confirmed venues:
Dynasty Typewriter at The Hayworth Theater, Akbar, The Vista, Handbag Factory, Silver Platter, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Chico, REDCAT, Circus of Books, The Black Cat, Eagle LA, Tom of Finland Foundation, CineFile Video, Egyptian Theatre, The Other Door (formerly Moonshadow), The Bullet Bar (formerly The Hanged Man), Mercado La Paloma, The Studs Theatre (formerly Tomkat or Pussycat Theatres), Union Nightclub (formerly Jewel’s Catch One), and the former sites of Redz and Plush Pony.

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