Matthew Marks and Greene Naftali Galleries to Organize Four-Venue, 46-Artist Painting Survey

Jana Euler, Shape of painting, summer hit 2017, 2018.


If there’s any medium that’s proven surprisingly controversial in the past ten years, it’s painting. Some have claimed painting is dead, and some have claimed the medium is particularly vital right now; some have bemoaned the proliferation of contemporary abstraction that hits the auction block, and some have energetically promoted a new crop of figurative painters; and some, like ARTnews contributor Greg Allen, have jokingly turned it into a hashtag (#painting) on Twitter.

Amid all these discussions comes “Painting: Now and Forever III,” the third version of an exhibition first organized by Pat Hearn and Matthew Marks in 1998. (The show was reprised, with major variations, in 2008, when it was organized by Marks and Carol Greene.) The new show will be staged at New York’s Matthew Marks and Greene Naftali galleries, with sections on view from June 28 through August 17 at Marks’s two West 22nd Street venues and at Greene’s ground-floor and eighth-floor spaces. “The show always attempts to address a shifting landscape of ideas and material concerns in the world, and how painting specifically can [be involved in] this,” Greene told ARTnews.

More than 40 artists will be included in the show’s latest version, among them Sam Gilliam, Nicole Eisenman, and Jasper Johns. There will be pioneers of a different era, like the newly rediscovered Howardena Pindell (who was recently profiled by ARTnews) and the 97-year-old Luchita Hurtado (whose work is included in this year’s Made in L.A. biennial at the Hammer Museum). And a number of young artists are included, too—Julien Ceccaldi, Mathieu Malouf, Avery Singer, Jeanette Mundt, and Whitney Claflin, to name just a few.

The artist list follows in full below.

Magnus Andersen
Monika Baer
Robert Bechtle
Nayland Blake
Julien Ceccaldi
Vija Celmins
Xinyi Cheng
Leidy Churchman
Whitney Claflin
Ed Clark
Robert Colescott
Matt Connors
Allan D’Arcangelo
Noah Davis
Lois Dodd
Lukas Duwenhögger
Nicole Eisenman
Janiva Ellis
Jana Euler
Genoveva Filipovic
Sam Gilliam
Tony Greene
Rachel Harrison
Luchita Hurtado
Alex Israel
Jasper Johns
Matsumi Kanemitsu
Bhupen Khakhar
Mathieu Malouf
Helen Marten
Lucy McKenzie
Rodney McMillian
Jill Mulleady
Jeanette Mundt
Howardena Pindell
Suellen Rocca
Eiichi Shibata
Gedi Sibony
Avery Singer
Sylvia Sleigh
Anne Speier
Linda Stark
Hervé Télémaque
Karl Wirsum
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Gang Zhao

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