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Morning Links: Soggy Socks Edition

Good footwear for the Serpentine pavilion this summer.



See a slide show of works on offer at Art Basel 2018. [ARTnews]

In New York, Paula Cooper Gallery is temporarily relocating to another building in Chelsea due to construction near its longtime 21st Street home. [ARTnews]

Deep Reads

There’s a long profile of Nan Goldin and her journey to her present status as a Sackler-protesting firebrand in T: The New York Times Style Magazine. [The New York Times]

David Sedaris gave a college commencement address that referenced the giver of his own commencement address way back when: Vito Acconci! “He’d done a lot but was best known for constructing a wooden ramp in a New York gallery. Then he hid beneath it and masturbated for several weeks without stopping. ‘Well you could do that!’ my mother said when I explained to her who he was.” [The Paris Review]


For this year’s seasonal pavilion at Serpentine Gallery in London, Mexican architect Frida Escobedo—the youngest architect ever chosen for the annual commission—“has pre-empted the treacherous English summer by providing a shallow pool of water inside her cool courtyard, ensuring that enthusiastic visitors will leave with soggy socks.” [The Guardian]

The Guardian went long on Frida Kahlo and a legacy of “Fridolatry” that led to a Barbie doll fashioned in the late artist’s likeness. [The Guardian]


Paddy Johnson took a look at how the repeal of Net Neutrality, which went into effect yesterday, might impact artists. [Hyperallergic]

From Los Angeles, collectors Marc and Jane Nathanson showed the New York Times their wall, replete with a “rich collection of significant works that arrest the eye in every room, on every wall, even in the interstitial spaces.” [The New York Times]


In Los Angeles, makers of street art get a turn in the spotlight in the 40,000-square-foot exhibition “Beyond the Streets.” “”This is vandalism as contemporary art, or contemporary art as vandalism, depending on how you want to look at it,” says curator Roger Gastman.” [NPR]

A New York design studio conceived a really great Social Media Memorabilia Auction House that pays tribute to iconic items—a shaker bottle from the gym, a snorkel, three leaves of arugula left over from a salad—from different figureheads and “influencers” online. [Social Media Memorabilia Auction House]

Pies made by a visionary German baker might well be considered art. [The Washington Post]

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