Here’s the Artist List for Manifesta 12 in Palermo, Italy

A workshop by Coloco and Gilles Clément.


The 12th edition of the roving Manifesta biennial—situated this year in Palermo, Italy—has been sparse with details in advance. Over the past year, Manifesta has revealed only a few of its participating artists along with its venues and a concept behind it all. But today, following its opening to members of the press, the biennial announced a full artist list that boasts work by more than 50 artists spread across 20 venues around the city.

Manifesta 12 is named “The Planetary Garden. Cultivating Coexistence,” in reference to a comment once made by the botanist Gilles Clément about how the world is like a garden tended by its human inhabitants. With the architecture firm OMA (Office of Metropolitan Architecture) acting as a “creative mediator,” the biennial takes into account Palermo’s history as a port for immigrant arrivals and a place where “new models of citizenship . . . and human rights” are being established, per a statement on Manifesta’s website.

In the spirit of Manifesta’s mission, which aims to situate various artists’ work deep within a host city’s landscape, the 12th edition will have some unusual venues, among them Palermo’s botanical garden, the Chiesa Santi dei Euno e Giuliano, and ZEN, a social housing project.

The biennial’s 12th edition runs through November 4, though there is already more to look forward to after this one ends. Manifesta is a roving biennial, so it never takes place in this same locale twice, and the 2020 edition is already being planned for Marseilles, France.

The artist list follows in full below.

Maria Thereza Alves
Yuri Ancarani
Jelili Atiku
Kader Attia
Alberto Baraya
Zheng Bo
Melanie Bonajo
James Bridle
Tania Bruguera
Matilde Cassani
Roberto Collovà
Coloco & Gilles Clément
Jordi Colomer
Cooking Sections
Leone Contini
Forensic Oceanography
Malin Franzén
Fallen Fruit
John Gerrard
Lungiswa Gqunta
Patricia Kaersenhout
Renato Leotta
Cristina Lucas
Taus Makhacheva
Filippo Minelli
Wu Ming
Toyin Ojih Odutola
Uriel Orlow
Lydia Ouhramane
Erkan Özgen
Khalil Rabah
Trevor Paglen
Peng! Collective
Laura Poitras
Sergey Sapozhnikov
Marinella Senatore
Rayyane Tabet
Nora Turato
Giorgio Vasta
Richard Vijgen
Michael Wang

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