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Condo Gallery Share Program Names Participants in 2018 New York and Shanghai Editions

Installation view of Tanya Leighton Gallery’s Condo New York presentation at Simone Subal Gallery in 2017.


Since the gallery share program Condo was first launched in London in 2016 by Vanessa Carlos, the cofounder of the city’s Carlos/Ishikawa gallery, similar events have been started in Los Angeles, Munich, Warsaw, and Cologne and Düsseldorf. Condo has expanded, too, and it’s since held editions in New York, São Paulo, and Mexico City, with another planned for Shanghai. On its website Condo has revealed the participants in the inaugural Shanghai edition and the second New York edition, which are both set to open in the coming few weeks.

Per Condo’s format, at both cities, local galleries will turn over their spaces to visiting outfits from around the world. The host city’s galleries give over their space to their peers at a minimal cost—out-of-towner participants are expected only to pay installation fees and rent.

The New York edition, which is run by Simone Subal of Simone Subal Gallery and Nicole Russo of Chapter NY, features 21 local spaces hosting 26 visiting galleries. In a first for the program’s New York edition, a nonprofit—White Columns—is included. This year’s Condo New York goes from June 29 through July 27.

Condo’s first Shanghai edition is run by Lorraine Malingue, the cofounder of Hong Kong and Shanghai’s Edouard Malingue Gallery, and it will include 9 local outfits hosting 13 of their peers. It’s set to open on July 7 and run through August 26.

The full list of participants follows below.

Condo New York

  • Alexander and Bonin hosting Madragoa (Lisbon)
  • Bodega hosting Galerie Crèvecœur (Paris)
  • Bortolami hosting Corbett vs Dempsey (Chicago)
  • Bridget Donahue hosting Experimenter (Kolkata, India)
  • Bureau hosting hopkinson Mossman (Auckland) and Kristina Kite Gallery (Los Angeles)
  • Chapter NY hosting Adams and Ollman (Portland, Oregon)
  • Company Gallery hosting Carlos/Ishikawa (London)
  • David Lewis hosting Altman Siegel (San Francisco)
  • Foxy Production hosting Christian Andersen (Copenhagen) and Edouard Malingue Gallery (Hong Kong)
  • Franklin Parrasch Gallery hosting Gypsum Gallery (Cairo) and Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)
  • JTT hosting Galerie Emanuel Layr (Vienna)
  • Lomex hosting Arcadia Missa (London)
  • Marinaro hosting the Approach (London)
  • Metro Pictures hosting Lambdalambda­lambda (Pristina, Kosovo)
  • Mitchell Algus Gallery hosting Mary Mary (Glasgow)
  • Petzel hosting Nanzuka (Tokyo)
  • Queer Thoughts hosting Park View/Paul Soto (Los Angeles and Brussels)
  • Rachel Uffner Gallery hosting Cooper Cole (Toronto) and Night Gallery (Los Angeles)
  • Simone Subal Gallery hosting Sadie Coles HQ (London)
  • Van Doren Waxter hosting Greynoise (Dubai) and Maisterravalbuena (Madrid and Lisbon)
  • White Columns hosting First Street ­Gallery (Los Angeles)

Condo Shanghai

  • A+ Contemporary hosting joségarcí (Mexico City)
  • J:Gallery hosting Project Native Informant (London) and Greengrassi (London)
  • Gallery Vacancy hosting Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)
  • Don Gallery hosting Ghebaly Gallery (Los Angeles)
  • Edouard Malingue Gallery hosting König Galerie (Berlin) and Esther Schipper (Berlin)
  • Madein Gallery hosting Carlos/Ishikawa (London)
  • Aike hosting Peres Projects (Berlin), Koppe Astner (Glasgow), and Soy Capitán (Berlin)
  • Ota Fine Arts hosting Mai 36 Galerie (Zurich)
  • Shanghart Gallery hosting Sadie Coles HQ (London)

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