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Morning Links: Magical Trees Edition

Michael Kenna, Wanaka Lake Tree, Study 1, Otago, New Zealand, 2013.


In Depth

Thomas Chatterton Williams wrote a long and involved profile of the great Adrian Piper and, among other things, the ways “she has been quietly conducting, from that vexed and ever-expanding blot on the American fabric where white and black bleed into each other, one of the smartest, funniest and most profound interrogations of the racial madness that governs and stifles our national life that I had ever encountered.” [The New York Times Magazine]

For the New York Review of Books, Adam Shatz paid tribute to Interstellar Space, the brimming duo album by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane and drummer Rashied Ali. The album is “a reminder that, as Edward Said observed, ‘artistic lateness’ sometimes manifests itself ‘not as harmony and resolution but as intransigence, difficulty, and unresolved contradiction.’ ” [The New York Review of Books]

On Show

Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, which sold at auction last fall for $450.3 million, will be viewable at the Louvre Abu Dhabi beginning September 18. [Bloomberg]

“A refurbished shipyard in Copenhagen is opening . . . as a permanent exhibition hall, filling a gap in the Danish capital’s art scene.” Copenhagen Contemporary, as it will be known, is on the Refshaleøen peninsula, a former industrial area that also played home to the fabled restaurant Noma and is close to the city’s opera house. [The Art Newspaper]

The New York Times reviewed a pair of dance performances on the High Line (with another coming up tonight!) by the stirring choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis. [The New York Times]

And Jason Farago tells the story of a fetching statue of George Washington at the Frick. [The New York Times]


The L.A.-based Chicana altarista Ofelia Esparza, who makes altars for the Day of the Dead, was awarded a 2018 NEA National Heritage Fellowship—“the nation’s highest honor in the folk and traditional arts.” [Los Angeles Times]

Sabina Ott, “the artist mother of Chicago,” died at the age of 62. [The Chicago Tribune]


Wired surveys “the delicate art of creating new emoji.” [Wired]

An image gallery shows the many splendors of “magical trees” by Michael Kenna—a British photographer who has “scoured the world’s landscapes to capture their silent guardians.” [The Guardian]

“17 Artists Share[d] the Music That Inspires Them.” (Rachel Libeskind likes Nina Simone and Jon Rafman digs a Rippingtons album played at the wrong speed.) [Artsy]

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