New York Academy of Art to Honor Muses at ‘Take Home a Nude’ Auction

Zoya and Damian Loeb.


Instead of honoring an individual as in past years, the 27th edition of the Take Home a Nude benefit for the New York Academy of Art will celebrate eleven “muses” who have inspired notable artists and artworks. The auction event on October 9 at Sotheby’s in New York will be chaired by Princess Alexandra of Greece, art collector Adam Lindemann, MinnieMuse founder Colby Mugrabi, and actor Liev Schreiber.

A release states, “As the global center for the preservation and promotion of the tradition of figurative art, the New York Academy of Art recognizes the vital role that muses play in the artist’s practice.”

Muses being honored by the New York Academy for having played that vital role will be Brooke Shields (a muse for Eric Fischl); Jerry Hall (Lucian Freud, Francesco Clemente, Andy Warhol); Debbie Harry (Andy Warhol); David Croland (Robert Mapplethorpe); Helena Christensen (Herb Ritts); Alba Clemente (Francesco Clemente); Zoya Loeb (Damian Loeb); Racquel Chevremont (Mickalene Thomas); Louie Chaban (Billy Sullivan); Rose Dergan (Will Cotton); and Anh Duong (a muse for herself).

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