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Here’s the Exhibitor List for Paris Internationale 2018

A charming promotional image for the affair, which was shot at its new location.


During the summer, art fairs are few and far between, but in just a few months a sizable portion of the art crowd will be in Paris for the blue-chip FIAC fair and Paris Internationale, which focuses its scrappy energy on emerging galleries. Today the Paris Internationale revealed the 42 exhibitors who have signed on for its fourth edition, running October 17 through 21 (with a preview on October 16) at a five-story, 19th-century manse near the Parc Monceau—“a favorite of Parisian flâneurs,” a news release notes.

That total of 42 represents a decrease of a dozen from last’s year iteration of the Internationale, a change that was part of an effort to be “smaller and more intimate” for this go-round, Silvia Ammon, a co-director of the fair, said in an email. “In a period where one huge event chases the other,” she wrote, “it seemed important to us to differentiate ourselves by choosing a venue that feels like a home and by keeping the group of participants reasonable in order to allow our visitors to look at each artwork presented, and to enable them to engage in a proper conversation with all the gallerists.”

Ten of the exhibitors are new to the event—including Damien & the Love Guru (of Brussels), Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin), and Southard Reid (London). All told, 21 countries are represented. The location also represents a shift from the 2017 outing in an industrial building in the Haut-Marais and marks a return to the original feel of the fair, which staged its first two editions in hôtels particuliers in the French capital.

The list of 42 exhibitors follows below.

1857, Oslo
A Thousand Plateaus, Chengdu
Agustina Ferreyra, Mexico DF
Antoine Levi, Paris
Bodega, New York
BQ, Berlin
Carlos Ishikawa, London
Chapter, New York
Christian Andersen, Copenhagen
Company, New York
Crèvecoeur, Paris
Croy Nielsen, Vienna
Damien & the Love Guru, Brussels
Dawid Radziszewski, Warsaw
Deborah Schamoni, Munich
Emalin, London
Federico Vavassori, Milan
Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Gianni Manhattan, Vienna
Gregor Staiger, Zurich
Horizont, Budapest
Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin
Joseph Tang, Paris
Koppe Astner, Glasgow
Kristina Kite, Los Angeles
Marfa’, Beirut
Max Mayer, Dusseldorf
Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
mother’s tankstation, Dublin | London
Norma Mangione, Turin
Öktem Aykut, Istanbul
Park View / Paul Soto, Los Angeles
Project Native Informant, London
Reserve Ames, Los Angeles
ROH Projects, Jakarta
Simone Subal, New York
Southard Reid, London
Stereo, Warsaw
Sultana, Paris
Union Pacific, London
Wschód, Warsaw
XYZ collective, Tokyo

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