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Morning Links: Wes Anderson’s Curatorial Gig Edition

Wes Anderson.


The Talent

Call it the life curatorial with Wes Anderson. The acclaimed director and his partner, the illustrator Juman Malouf, will organize a show at Vienna’s Kunsthistoriches Museum this November featuring objects culled from the institution’s holdings. [Indiewire]

Pace Gallery has brought on Whitney Ferrare, who previously worked at Gagosian gallery, as the new senior director for its Hong Kong location. [ARTnews]

Alma Thomas

The Archives of American Art has made available the late painter Alma Thomas’s papers in their entirety. Well, we know what we’ll be doing with our morning. [Archives of American Art]

Around Europe

Berlin’s Exile gallery has exiled itself to Vienna, where it will reopen next month. “I am mostly trying to find a sustainable model on a scale that maintains the independence that I think I’ve given up for a while by playing too much into this idea of an art gallery that finances itself through sales,” the gallery’s founder, Christian Siekmeier, said of the move. [Artnet News]

London’s Royal Academy of Art will host a Bill Viola show that will feature 12 installations by the acclaimed video artist. Alongside them will be pieces by Michelangelo. [The Guardian]

Negative Consequences

After it received threats on Facebook, Portland’s One Grand Gallery has removed an illustration that featured Donald Trump’s throat being slit. [The Oregonian]

The Association of Art Museum Directors has released a statement decrying Representative Glenn Grothman’s proposal to decrease funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, noting that doing as much would have “negative consequences.” [Twitter]


With the Los Angeles Times departing its storied digs for a new home in the city’s El Segundo neighborhood, Carolina A. Miranda considers the architecture of her publication’s building complex. Walking through the complex, she writes, is “like entering an architectural time machine into several decades of 20th century Los Angeles.” [Los Angeles Times]

In Kansas City, there’s now a 21c Museum Hotel, which, in addition to luxury suites, offers a 6,200-square-foot exhibition space. The hotel’s galleries are open to the public 24/7, and the art can be viewed free of charge. [Condé Nast Traveler]


Starting on Friday, Detroit is hosting its first Art Week, courtesy of the art publicist Amani Olu. “I felt like it’s important that we celebrate the people who have been living and working in this community for a long time, not just like newer, trendier, flashier things that are happening,” Olu said of the event’s programming. [Detroit Metro Times]

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