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Hong Kong’s M+ Museum Acquires Complete Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Archive

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Dakota (still), 2001, high-definition video.


The M+ museum in Hong Kong has acquired the full archive of the Seoul-based artist group Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, which has become well-known for its text-based animations that are accessible via the internet. The archive includes more than 500 works, among them every single animation ever published to the group’s website,, as well as drafts, lectures, and related gallery installations. As the group continues producing new work, M+ will update its archive, according to the release.

Formed in 1999, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries—which is composed of Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge—frequently creates Flash-based animations that unspool what appear to be narratives almost solely through text. Sometimes, the all-caps words are set to jazz music, and are edited in such a way that their flow appears to be syncopated. The duo, which initially was founded as a fake corporation, has described these works in terms that merge advertising, propaganda, and filmmaking strategies.

In a statement, Doryun Chong, the deputy director and chief curator of M+, said, “Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’s groundbreaking oeuvre is an excellent fit for M+, a new museum of contemporary visual culture located in Asia, where the largest number of netizens reside, and where most innovations for the future are born. We are extremely proud to be investing in the life’s work of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, the trailblazer of internet art.”

“We’re lucky dogs,” the duo said in the release announcing the news.

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