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Morning Links: Chip Shop Edition

Suze Robertson, Peasant Woman Peeling Potatoes.


Golden Podium

“From 125th Street in Harlem, Thelma Golden has changed the face of art all over the U.S.” Carolina A. Miranda wrote a profile of the great curator and museum director on the occasion of her being bestowed with a 2018 J. Paul Getty Medal. (Two other medal winners were Agnes Gund and Richard Serra.) [Los Angeles Times]

Miranda also wrote a story about how “EJ Hill stood on a podium at the Hammer for 78 days in a work about race, art, and winning.” [Los Angeles Times]


Sebastian Smee took a look at Camille Corot’s The Repose—”a 19th-century painting that rivals the Mona Lisa.” [The Washington Post]

Adrian Searle went to the Turner Prize show at Tate Britain—featuring work by Naeem Mohaiemen, Luke Willis Thompson, Forensic Architecture, and Charlotte Prodger—and deemed it “the best lineup for years. [The Guardian]

Mark E. Smith, the late great singer for English art-rock band The Fall, has been memorialized by way of a mural on the side of chip shop in Prestwich. [The Guardian]

The Wall Street Journal reviewed “Everything Is Connected: Art and Conspiracy” at the Met Breuer. “Some people have also long regarded the contemporary art world as a cabal that schemes to befuddle innocent citizens into buying and worshiping things of questionable value. Whether this show defuses that kind of paranoia—or could justify it—is an open question.” [The Wall Street Journal]


The New York Review of Books has an essay about a Met exhibition of African-American portraits found at flea markets and other resting places for the forgotten. “Though salvaged, the images remain tinted by this history, their anonymity like a kind of sepia.” [The New York Review of Books]

The Paris Review has a look at the art collection of Diane Williams, the founder/editor of the literary journal NOON and a fiend for things like a watercolor by Henry Miller, drawings by Raymond Pettibon, and curios collected from roadside markets and the Outsider Art Fair. [The Paris Review]


“Could Trump put an end to the Iranian art boom?” [CNN]

“I’m very angry that this is happening again”—political cartoonists compare drawing for Brett Kavanaugh vs. Clarence Thomas. [The Washington Post]

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