Spring/Break Art Show’s 2019 Edition to Focus on ‘Fact and Fiction’

“Eric Mistretta: The Wrong Place,” curated by Anna Kustera, at the 2018 edition of the Spring/Break Art Show.


New York’s Spring/Break Art Show will return for its eighth edition next year, this time with the theme “Fact and Fiction.” This year’s fair will run from March 6 through 11, coinciding with the run of the Armory Show. A location has not yet been announced.

Andrew Gori, a cofounder of the fair, said that this year’s theme was inspired by today’s topsy-turvy political climate. “We thought, ‘Well, since high stations of office are calling into question what most people would consider factual, maybe it’s a good time to explore how artists inhabit paradoxical spaces,’ ” he told ARTnews.

Ambre Kelly, the fair’s other cofounder, said, “I kept thinking about the game of telephone—how one starts with a given that’s impacted by others’ perceptions and eventually morphs into something else.”

The show will involve a new partnership with the Times Square Alliance, which will display work by five emerging artists in the plazas in and around Times Square. The deadline is November 1 for submissions to the Times Square Alliance program, and November 19 for submissions to the main part of the fair.

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