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Regen Projects Adds Alex Hubbard to Roster

Alex Hubbard, MMA on Canvas, 2015, epoxy resin, fiberglass, One Shot enamel paint, pigmented urethane, rice paper, and steel.


The Los Angeles–based gallery Regen Projects will now represent artist Alex Hubbard, who is based in the city. Regen will present a solo exhibition of Hubbard’s work next fall. His last one-person outing in L.A. was in 2015 at Maccarone.

Hubbard works in diverse media, including painting, sculpture, and video, often referencing art history with a sly sense of humor. His video works in some cases appear to show the artist in the process of making, and ultimately wrecking, various constructions. In turn, his paintings often incorporate found objects that have been discarded, as in his recent “garbage paintings” series.

“I have been a great admirer of Alex’s work for many years and his ability to integrate so many seemingly disparate materials into his practice,” said Shaun Caley Regen, the gallery’s owner said in a statement.

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