Neïl Beloufa Goes to Kamel Mennour

Neil Beloufa, 2001, 2018.


Kamel Mennour gallery in Paris and London now represents Neïl Beloufa, the Paris-, New York–, and Los Angeles–based artist known for his installations and films about power systems, surveillance, and the circulation of images in an increasingly digital world. Beloufa’s work will be on view at the Mennour’s booth at the art fair Art Basel Miami Beach next month, and will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the gallery next year. Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles, Mendes Wood DM gallery in São Paulo, and Zero gallery in Milan will continue to represent the artist.

Though Beloufa has yet to turn 35, his work has been exhibited widely in America and Europe. Earlier this year, he had his second solo outing at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, where he debuted a show that he said was intended to function as something akin to a search engine, with works by himself and others brought into conversation with one another. That show was followed by exhibitions at the Maagsins Généraux in Paris, the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, and the Lustwarande museum in Tillburg, the Netherlands.

In a statement, Kamel Mennour, the gallery’s founder, said that Beloufa’s work “pushes the limits of Art” and called his works “political, auto-critical, and immersive.”

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