Pictures at an Exhibition

Regina Vater at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, São Paulo

Installation view of “Regina Vater,” 2018, at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, São Paulo.


Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday.

Today’s show: “Regina Vater” is on view at Galeria Jaqueline Martins in São Paulo through Saturday, January 19. The solo exhibition includes around 50 works from throughout the Rio de Janeiro–based artist’s career.

A text written by Vater for the catalog of a group show, titled “Latin American Women Artists” which was staged first at New York’s SoHo 20 Gallery in 1981 and then at the Bronx Museum of the Arts in 1982, is included on the exhibition’s page.

“What makes me a Latin American women and artist, if I’m the result of German, Portuguese, Native American, Basque, Jewish and Swiss blood? The fact that I speak a Latin language and have Portuguese, Native American and Black cultural roots mixed with European and American influences? That I grew up in contact with a wild nature, a mythology of nature and a wide space with less “history”? That I’m an individual with feminine psycho organism concerned about my home, my feelings, my way of love, the way I’m being loved, the way I share my personal dependencies and independence as a woman in this society . . . and about the human conditions, knowledge and wisdom, ethic and aesthetic, sensibility and “beauty”? Perhaps my art is the visualization of this consciousness.”

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