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Morning Links: Pieter Bruegel the Elder Edition

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Harvesters, 1565, oil on wood.



A new contemporary art space has opened in Edinburgh in the former City Observatory, which was designed in 1818. Works by Dineo Seshee Bopape and Klaus Weber are the first to go on view at the redeveloped venue. [The Art Newspaper]

An ancient fresco depicting the myth of Leda and the swan was uncovered this month in a house being excavated in Pompeii. [The New York Times]

A project called “Inside Bruegel” has created new x-ray imaging technology that reveals details and earlier drafts hidden within the layers of the artist’s many masterpieces. Ron Spronk, a curator of the Bruegel blockbuster currently on view at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, said, “There still is a lot of debate as to what the meaning is, or what the layers of meaning are, in the paintings. The question of what Bruegel is trying to convey is not resolved.” [The New York Times]


Experts say that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is slowly losing its tilt and becoming increasingly upright. [BBC]

A show at the Center for Architecture in New York explores hip-hop architecture, and it features renderings and experimental models. [Hyperallergic]

A piece on Instagram’s influence on architects and building design notes that the photo sharing platform has “grown to become one of the most influential forces in the way our environments are being shaped.” [The Guardian]


Italian filmmaker and director of Last Tango in Paris Bernardo Bertolucci died today at age 77. [The New York Times]


A painting by Frederick Banting, a scientist who was instrumental in the discovery of insulin, sold for ten times its estimate at Heffel Fine Art last week. The work, titled The Lab (1925), went for $236,862 with premium. [Artnet News]

Real Estate

Here’s a look at the ways in which museums boost the values of nearby properties. [The Wall Street Journal]

The vibrant London home of late photographer and designer Henry Wilson is for sale. [The Guardian]

“How to Be an Artist”

Art critic Jerry Saltz penned this week’s New York Magazine cover story, which lays out six steps and 33 rules on how to be an artist. In three variants, he appears on covers of the publication as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, and Frida Kahlo. [New York Magazine]

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