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Frieze Los Angeles Announces Site-Specific Projects for First West Coast Fair

Sarah Cain, Now I’m going to tell you everything, 2017, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.


Frieze Los Angeles has selected 12 artists to create site-specific works as part of the Projects program for its first West Coast fair this February 14-17. The works will be in a backlot set of Paramount Pictures Studios.

The lineup so far, with more names to follow, includes Lisa Anne Auerbach, Sarah Cain, Catharine Czudej, Karon Davis, Cayetano Ferrer, Hannah Greely, Trulee Hall, Patrick Jackson, Barbara Kruger, Paul McCarthy, Kori Newkirk, and Tino Sehgal.

In a statement, Ali Subotnick, the curator of Frieze Projects for L.A., said that she invited “artists who live, work, or have histories with the city to develop projects responding to the fair’s untraditional site and context. Unlike most fairs and exhibitions that take place in parks, tents, or traditional white spaces, they are forced to grapple with a land of make-believe, built to be seen on film. Each artist embraced the opportunity, and challenge, and the results are often magical and otherworldly, surreal and hyperreal, but never dull.”

Sculptures, installations, and performances will focus on artificiality and reality, and they will be situated in interior and outdoor spaces that have figured in films and television shows. Among the works will be a painting installation and new stained glass piece by Sarah Cain; sculptures evoking violence in schools by Karon Davis; and a monumental inflatable piece by Paul McCarthy. Lisa Anne Auerbach will present one-on-one counseling sessions about collecting and creativity with a “Psychic Art Advisor.”

Bettina Korek, executive director of Frieze Los Angles, said, “Frieze Projects will provoke visitors to consider the central role of art within the greater cultural landscape, and build on Frieze’s history of creating experiences that engage visitors in dialogue, debate, and discovery.”

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