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Morning Links: Proton Purple Edition

Proton purple.



Like lists? Cultured magazine has named its 30 artists under 35, including names such as Lauren Halsey, Ser Serpas, Eva LeWitt, and Kayode Ojo. [Cultured Mag]

Tsugumi Maki has been named the chief operating officer of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art. [Artforum]

Terence Koh has been added to the roster at Office Baroque in Brussels. [Press Release]

The Baltimore Museum of Art is launching a diversity-intensive biennial commission program through which artists will create site-specific works for the museum’s lobby, beginning with a piece by Mickalene Thomas. [ARTnews]


Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s new film Never Look Away has its opening scene at an exhibition of art deemed “degenerate” by the Nazis, and then follows the imagined life of a Gerhard Richter-esque modernist artist. [NPR]

Karen Green’s new book Frail Sister  is one part novel, one part collage of objects from Green’s family history. Megan N. Liberty writes in her review, “This collaging of materials is both familiar and jarring: locks of hair are affixed to sweet notes as tokens next to photos of soldiers whose faces are scratched over with messages indicating their deaths.”
[LA Review of Books]

Santa Fe

On Santa Fe’s SITElines: “This SITElines produced an intelligent conversation about contemporary issues that unite the Americas without reducing any of the complexities.”

Paddy Johnson reviews the documentary on New Mexico’s famed experimental art-collective Meow Wolf. “They’re a non-hierarchical collective of artists who, without the intention of making any money at all, transformed a 20,000-square-foot bowling alley into a psychedelic funhouse and found themselves with a cash cow,” she writes.  [Observer]


What was thought to be a photo of teenage Vincent van Gogh turns out to be of his brother Theo. [New York Times]

According to Shutterstock, “Proton Purple,” “Plastic Pink,” and “UFO Green” were the most popular colors of 2018. [Shutterstock]

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