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Morning Links: Akunnittinni Edition

Inuit whale in ivory, 1830–60.



Business was steady on Wednesday’s VIP preview day of Art Basel Miami Beach. Read a report on how the first day fared. [ARTnews]

And with so much else going on in and around the fair, see all of ARTnews’s coverage of Miami Art Week so far . . . [ARTnews]

A UBS Investor Watch Pulse Report issued under the title “Art in Motion” found collectors looking to buy—and, increasingly, through channels coming into focus online. [ARTnews]

KAWS was the cause of a print-buying frenzy, with a lottery needed to deal with the swell of interest. [Bloomberg]

The Art Newspaper has an interview with Larry Bell, the subject of a survey at Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Asked what he hopes people will take away from it, he said, “I hope they have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, and see the show [as a reflection] of a particular period in time. These pieces were experiments.” [The Art Newspaper]


On the occasion of “Akunnittinni: A Kinngait Family Portrait,” an exhibition of Inuit art in L.A., Carolina A. Miranda has the story of “how three generations of women artists in one indigenous family tell the story of a century of change.” [Los Angeles Times]

Charlotte Prodger gave an interview to the Guardian after her big Turner Prize win. “I’ll be living off it—my rent, my studio rent, my living costs, my materials,” she said. [The Guardian]

The “ravishing art of Alchi” garners high praise in a book review that begins like so: “Peter van Ham’s Alchi, the third volume of a monumental trilogy published by Hirmer on the Buddhist art of western Tibet, must be one of the finest art books ever produced. Its subject, the site of Alchi, sits on the bank of the Indus River in Ladakh, in the high mountain ranges to the east in what is now the Indian state of Kashmir.” [The New York Review of Books]


Reminiscing about a favorite photo of his from Greenwich Village in New York in 1976, photographer Sunil Gupta told the Guardian, “It was literally too many men, not enough time. The city became one giant open air bar. People were just having casual sex with whoever went by.” But: “In those years, sex wasn’t just sex. It was a force uniting a political movement.” [The Guardian]

Sy Kattelson, a photographer and member of the influential Photo League, died in upstate New York at the age of 95. [The New York Times]


MoMA PS1 announced five finalists for next year’s 20th annual Young Architects Program. Each is invited to make a preliminary proposal for a structure that would be installed inside PS1’s outdoor courtyard next summer. [The Architect’s Newspaper]

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