Art Basel Miami Beach 2018

What’s the Macho-est Exhibition in Miami This Week? (Hint: It Rhymes with ‘Criminalist Plop’)

In the company of men: Five Seconds Away [Sound Graph 4], 2017, a painting by Sarah Morris, from the “Pop Minimalism Minimalist Pop” catalogue.

In the past few years, dealers exhibiting in Art Basel Miami Beach have gotten better at including women artists in their booths. I was particularly happy to see Anat Egbi devote a “Survey” booth this year to the work of Faith Wilding, who has been overshadowed by some of her feminist peers.

Over at the Moore Building, however, in Miami’s Design District, they do not seem to have gotten the memo. The selling exhibition “Pop Minimalism Minimalist Pop,” a building-filling extravaganza put on by art dealers Larry Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch, has only five works by women out of a total of 100 works on display. That’s right, five out of 100. If you are missing the wurst you get at Art Basel’s Swiss edition, look no further: this is your sausage fest, right here.

Who are the lucky ladies, you ask? Judy Chicago, whose lively retrospective fills the nearby Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, Sarah Morris, Yayoi Kusama, and Lee Lozano, who sadly isn’t alive to see her work honored by being in the presence of such illustrious male practitioners as Nate Lowman and Joe Bradley. (A note: I’ve generously counted among the five pieces a Kusama that is “available in New York.”)

Ladies: they call it the Moore Building. Ask for more.

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