Morning Links: The Marina Abramovic Spa Treatment Edition

Marina Abramovic.



Chinese officials have pulled several works from the upcoming Guangzhou Triennial, but ones that wouldn’t seem to merit censorship, such as “Artificial intelligence bots. 3-D printed human organs. Genomic sequencing.”
[New York Times]


A closer look at collector Grazyna Kulcyk’s new private museum in the small Swiss town of Susch. [Wall Street Journal]

The nonprofit organization Americans for the Arts surveyed 3,000 people for their annual report, which confirms that a majority of people will vote in favor of arts funding. [Hyperallergic]

There will be an online database of the complete works Egon Schiele.
[The Art Newspaper]


Max Harris, organizer of Oakland, CA’s artist enclave “Ghost Ship,” has been in prison for the past 18 months after 36 people died when the warehouse caught on fire. Here, he gets a haunting Times profile treatment. [New York Times ]

Nikil Saval reviews Mark Lamster’s biography of architect Philip Johnson, The Man In The Glass House. “We are asked to contemplate why the impresario of twentieth-century architecture descended into such a morass of far-right politics—and how, given the depths to which he fell, he managed to clamber his way not just out of it, but to the top,” Saval writes. [New Yorker]

Friday Reads 

Here’s a video of New York mag art critic Jerry Saltz asking New Yorkers their impression of Michelangelo’s David. He  dragged a replica of the magnum opus into the subway at Fulton Center.

A case against guarantees at art auctions: they “distort… auction records.” [The Economist]

What form might the fabled James Turrell x Marina Abramovic “spa” take? Garage has a few guesses, such as recreating The Artist Is Present in a hot tub. [Garage]

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