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‘This Is Improv from the Heart’: Kenny Schachter, Joel Mesler Release Trailer for Show at Felix LA


Keeping with Hollywood’s history as an epicenter of filmmaking, artist, dealer, and columnist Kenny Schachter and artist, dealer, and columnist Joel Mesler have released a trailer for their upcoming two-person show at the inaugural edition of Felix LA, which runs this week at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, concurrent with the first Frieze fair in the city.

Titled “Kenny & Me,” the video shows the two artists on coastal walks, chatting at the breakfast table, and signing artworks in a studio space. At the beginning of the film, Schachter says of his performance, “This is improv, this is improv from the heart.” And such self-conscious good-humor persists throughout the film’s five minute run.

Other subjects of their casual, colorful, and sometimes wandering exchanges include young artists, graduate programs, and a video of a woman giving birth standing up. When Schachter asks Mesler what he’ll be doing in three years, Mesler replies, “You might’ve blocked my number, so I’ll probably be trying to get in touch with you.”

Schachter and Mesler’s trailer isn’t the only film production to grace Frieze Week—two new films by Paul and Damon McCarthy will be screened at the Montalbán Theater in Hollywood on February 15.

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