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Alleging Threat of Legal Action From Truck-Rental Company, Uhaul Gallery in Brooklyn Changes Name

KC Crow Maddux, Untitled (as part of TransFigured Diction / a body puzzled), 2019.


Brooklyn’s Uhaul Gallery has officially changed its name to Haul Gallery after “a certain truck rental company threatened legal action,” the enterprise said in an email on Tuesday.

Max C Lee, the gallery’s cofounder, told ARTnews, “We also chose the name based on our approach to this project (and what we do in general)—DIY, mobile, impermanent, and able to happen almost anywhere. We also just really liked the name, and admittedly we liked that it was also a big brand name.”

The connections to U-Haul don’t end with the gallery’s name—they also extend to presentations by the space in the past. For one performance, the gallery rented a U-Haul truck that acted as a ramshackle stage.

According to Lee, the gallery received a phone call from the general counsel for the truck-rental company U-Haul last week, informing him that the gallery’s name “infringed on their trademark.” He said that the gallery had sought out legal advice prior to its opening earlier this year. “We were under the impression that because we are in a different area of business that we could legally use the name Uhaul,” he said. “After spending the entire weekend scared of being sued, we just decided to drop the ‘U’ from our name. We think ‘haul’ has the same vibe.”

A spokesperson for U-Haul did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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