Frieze Los Angeles 2019

ARTnews in Los Angeles: Collection Tours With Cheech Marin and Michael Ovitz, a Conversation at the Marciano Art Foundation, and More


During the inaugural edition of Frieze Los Angeles, ARTnews organized a number of events throughout the city, including private tours of the homes of prominent collectors (actor Cheech Marin, philanthropist Homeira Goldstein, and Hollywood veteran Michael Ovitz), a tour of the Marciano Art Foundation with an edition of the ARTnews “Live Accord” conversation series, and special events at the Peninsula Hotel.

During the tour at Marin’s home, guests were treated to a discussion between Marin, curator and filmmaker Roger Gastman, and artist Chaz Bojorquez on the importance of supporting emerging art, and how Marin has championed Chicano artists in building his collection, which is believed to be the world’s largest devoted to its subject. Having showcased selections from his holdings in museums the world over, Marin will open his own museum in Riverside, California, next year.

At the Marciano Art Foundation, ARTnews continued its “Live Accord” conversation series with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sarah Douglas, sitting down with Artadia executive director Carolyn Ramo, and Marciano Art Foundation artistic director Olivia Marciano to discuss providing assistance to L.A.-based artists. Artadia also announced the finalists for its annual Los Angeles Artadia Awards, including the inaugural Marciano Artadia Award, which give unrestricted grants to artists.

Lastly, ARTnews hosted a pair of events at the Peninsula Hotel: a brunch on Wednesday preceding a tour of Ovitz’s home, and a dinner on Saturday in partnership with the Swiss Institute to honor artists Jill Mulleady and Shahryar Nashat. Collectors, artists, dealers, and art patrons gathered for an intimate evening to reflect on the historic week.

Thank you to the sponsors who made these events possible, and to those who attended. We are always looking for new ways to engage with our audiences, and create unique and memorable experiences. We hope to see you at our next event. —Joshua B. Geyer

[All photos and video by Joshua B. Geyer]

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