Armory Week 2019 Market News

New Prizes at Armory Show to Be Awarded to French Artist, ‘Platform’ Section Exhibitor

The Armory Show 2018.


As part of this year’s Armory Show, which is set to open in New York on March 7, the fair will give out two new awards: the Pommery Prize, which comes with $20,000 that will be split between an artist and the gallery presenting their work in the fair’s “Platform” section (which is devoted to large-scale work), and the Étant donnés Prize, which comes with $10,000 and is awarded to a French artist featured at the fair.

The former prize is supported by Pommery Champagne, and the latter is funded by Étant donnés Contemporary Art, which supports projects by French artists in the United States. Recipients of the Pommery Prize will be selected by the owner of Pommery Champage, Nathalie Vranken, along with collector Sandra Hegedüs and Marie Griffay, the director of the French museum FRAC Champagne-Ardenne. The recipient of the Etant donnés prize will be selected by collector Suzanne Deal Booth and Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art director Philippe Vergne. Prize recipients will be announced on Thursday, March 7.

Alongside these awards, for the third year in a row, the fair will give out the Presents Booth Prize, funded by Athena Art Finance,  a $10,000 award for a gallery showing in the fair’s “Presents” section for emerging galleries.

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