Qila Mubarak, Rare 18th Century Sikh Palace in India, to Be Restored

Main Gate of Qila Mubarak.


The Qila Mubarak, an endangered Indian palace dating back to the 18th century, is being restored in the northwest city of Patiala, according to The Times of IndiaThe Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage is heading the project, which will add a museum and restaurant to the historic structure.

Originally completed in 1763, the complex has been described by the World Monuments Fund as “the most rare and outstanding example of Sikh palace architecture throughout the Punjab and India.” It also featured in the organization’s list of imperiled sites in 2004. The Qila Mubarak was last used in the 1960s as government offices.

Vasant Satra, the Mumbai-based contractor directing the restoration, told the Times of India that his team is making repairs to the roof and walls, as well as waterproofing various elements of the building, including its terraces. According to the newspaper, some works of art, including paintings and a mirror, will be conserved.

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