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Morning Links: Notes on Camp Edition

The Metropolitan Musem of Art.


Eye Candy

Among some of the standout outfits from last night’s Met Gala, we noticed that Tracee Ellis Ross’s getup recalled an artwork by the great Lorraine O’Grady. [ARTnews]

Check out the looks from the night, which took “Camp” as its theme. [Vogue]

Here’s a taste of some fervid fans camping out in advance of the event. [The Art Newspaper]


The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Artsin Taichung named artists Hsu Chia-Wei and Ho Tzu Nyen as curators for the 2019 Asian Art Biennial. [Artforum]

Vanja Malloy has joined the Syracuse University Art Galleries as its director and chief curator. [ARTnews ]

Here’s ARTnews’s coverage of the Venice Biennale so far, to be updated continually over the week to come. [ARTnews]

Japanese collector Yusaku Maezawa announced that he will put several pieces from his personal art collection on the auction block at Sotheby’s this month.[Observer]

On View

Christopher Knight reviews Michael Rakowitz’s show of recreations of pieces that were looted from the Iraq National Museum after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. Knight writes, “Rakowitz binds his artifacts to a deep-rooted, more profound cultural history that sustains civilization across millennia.” [Los Angeles Times]

Art collector Klaus Littman will plant plant 299 trees in Basel’s Wörthersee Stadium as a statement on the lack of climate change action. [Hyperallergic]


New Yorker cartoonist Edward Steed draws Yankee Stadium from his seat in the stadium.
[The New Yorker]

“There are gilded knickknacks everywhere.” Take a look inside the villa of the late Italian collector Francesco Federico Cerruti in Northwestern Italy. [New York Times]

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