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Pérez Art Museum Scores, Leon Black Acquires, and More: Morning Links from August 6, 2019

The Pérez Art Museum in Miami.


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The Pérez Art Museum in Miami received a bounty of 46 pieces from Los Angeles–based collector Gordon W. Bailey, mostly focused on overlooked African-American artists like Purvis Young, Thornton Dial, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Clementine Hunter, Minnie Evans, and Sam Doyle. [ARTnews]

Pick up tips from Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont on “how an artist throws a pool party.” [The New York Times]

The latest on what the Guardian deems “the art world’s pettiest, funniest dispute”: “Stuart Semple was incensed when [Anish] Kapoor bought the exclusive rights to the world’s blackest paint—so he made what he says is a blacker one and banned him from using it.” [The Guardian]

Trouble in Japan: “Facing Public Pressure, the Aichi Triennale Censors Its Own Exhibition About Censorship.” [Artnet News]

Leon Black

Apollo Global Management, the firm started by art collector and MoMA chairman Leon Black, agreed to provide nearly $1.8 billion of debt financing to support New Media Investment Group Inc.’s acquisition of Gannett Co. in a deal that will bring USA Today and over 200 other publications under the same roof. [Bloomberg]

Meanwhile, Apollo Global Management has scooped up 29 local television stations around the country, and Vanity Fair wonders: “Is Black in it for the money, or for the power?” [Vanity Fair]


The Economist sees a lineage between old politically minded mural painting and two digital works now on view in San Francisco, by the artists JR and Lisa Reihana. “Together these works put San Francisco in the vanguard of a new and moving medium.” [The Economist]

Lex Vaughn wrote a tribute to Katharine Mulherin, a recently departed artist who was “perceptive and talented. Committed and enthusiastic. Essential and legendary. And funny.” [Artforum]

“One artist’s solution to the racial inequities embedded in books: Rip them apart.” The L.A. Times reviews Samuel Levi Jones’s “snappy, tough show” at Vielmetter Los Angeles. [Los Angeles Times]

Jonathan Jones of the Guardian likes a current Tate Modern show devoted to Dóra Maurer, whose “impressive creativity since the end of Soviet control and communist one-party rule in Hungary in 1989 is an exception to a dispiriting rule. … It’s heartening that Maurer, who spent much of her life making dissident art in a totalitarian state, has done her best work since that state collapsed.” [The Guardian]


The San Francisco Chronicle has a story about a practitioner of the art of fixing broken vessels in the fashion of the ancient Japanese craft called kintsugi (translation: golden joinery). When an old chef he worked for spoke of plans to make an art installation with all the broken dishes in a kitchen, “The sarcastic remark flipped a light bulb in his head.” [The San Francisco Chronicle]

Check out a picture of artist Alex Israel hanging out with David Lynch. [Instagram]

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