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Surf’s Up at Gagosian, Keith Haring Mural Lives, and More: Morning Links for August 16, 2019

Larry Gagosian in San Francisco in May 2019.


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Surf’s up at Gagosian, whose Madison Avenue gallery in New York is home to the exhibition “The Fletcher Family: A Lifetime in Surf.” [WWD]

The artist duo Postcommodity graced Chicago with a monumental new work that addresses migration and community. “It’s Indigenous knowledge, a sacred architectural gesture,” one of its members said. [ARTnews]

See a big Yayoi Kusama pumpkin sculpture get removed in advance of a storm in Japan. [Twitter]

Keith Haring’s Crack Is Wack mural in East Harlem is being restored, and the project made it onto local TV news. [Keith Haring Foundation]


British artist Alexander James talks about an exhibition at Working Project in London “sparked by a memory of the punk hairstyle which I had when I was younger. My hair was so spiky that it nearly hit the doorframes of the classrooms.” [Dazed]

Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress by Petrine Ryan-Klein, an artist given to “realism with a focus on satire.” Prints of the work appear to be for sale on Saatchi Art. [The Cut]

Maria Qamar’s works in a show at Richard Taittinger Gallery in New York “feel like her colorful, politically engaged Instagram feed brought to life” and evoke “her experiences as a South Asian millennial, contemplating immigration, misogyny, gender stereotypes and more,” Alisha Haridasani Gupta writes. [The New York Times]

Photographer Del LaGrace Volcano talks about a self-portrait taken at a time when “I was in a liminal state with my gender: I was moving from being perceived as female to being perceived as male, but really I was coming to terms with the fact I was born intersex.” [The Guardian]


A work of public art in Albuquerque is having problems owing to its weight, which was projected to be 8,000 pounds but came in at 17,000. [KOAT Action 7 News]

“Santiago Calatrava fined $86,000 over slippery ‘lobster’ bridge in Venice.” [Archinect]

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