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MoMA Reopening Fever Mounts, Photographer Jill Freedman Dies, and More: Morning Links From October 10, 2019

The Museum of Modern Art in New York

The Museum of Modern Art in New York.


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MoMA Expands

As the fever surrounding MoMA’s full public reopening mounts, keep stock in the coming days with a continually updated guide to ARTnews’s complete coverage of the institution’s past, present, and future as they relate to the new expansion. [ARTnews]

For the New York Times, Holland Cotter considers the museum’s reimagined collection galleries. “In every museum with an active acquisition program, the permanent collection galleries are key. They’re the heart, brain and soul of the place; its history and memory.” [The New York Times]


Photographer Jill Freedman, who captured poignant images of circus performers, firefighters, activists, and the chaos of city life, died at age 79. [The New York Times]


Here’s a Q&A with acclaimed French chef Alain Verzeroli, whose art collection includes works by photographers Izima Kaoru and Erwin Olaf, ceramicist Kouzo Takeuchi, and Takashi Murakami. [The New York Times]


“It’s been well over a decade now since the figure of the curator—a once auxiliary player in the world of art—became vulgarized and generalized in consumer society, and still its demented currency endures,” critic Jason Farago writes in an essay on Harald Szeemann’s enduring legacy. [The New York Review of Books]


Firelei Báez has been commissioned to create an installation for the ICA Boston. The work opening at the ICA Watershed in East Boston next spring will focus on the Sans-Souci Palace in Milot, Haiti. [ARTnews]

A new book explores Horacio Salinas’s whimsical and eccentric collages depicting “lost characters, misfits that travel with the carnival from place to place, drifters with their own rules for life,” Elisabeth Biondi writes. [The New Yorker]

In a colorful interview with Cultured Magazine, Lawrence Weiner discusses learning languages, art school, injustice, and more. [Cultured Magazine]

A long-form piece from Artsy examines how student debt impacts artists working today, taking up big questions about the value of an arts education and the possibility of a debt-free future. [Artsy]


Frank Laws’s watercolors, which serve as odes to the architecture and spirit of East London, will be on view this weekend at Holy Trinity Morgan Street, a church turned arts center in the British capital. [The Guardian]

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