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Literary Critic Harold Bloom Dies, Brooklyn Museum Francis Bacon to Auction, and More: Morning Links from October 15, 2019

Yale University in New Haven

Yale University, where Harold Bloom taught.


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The Latest

Harold Bloom, the firebrand literary critic and author of The Anxiety of Influence (1973) who made his name by championing the Western canon, died on Monday at the age of 89. [The New York Times]

Charles Jencks, “a renowned cultural theorist, landscape designer, architectural historian, and co-founder, alongside his late wife Maggie Keswick, of Maggie’s,” a cancer charity, died at the age of 80. [The Scotsman]

An Indigenous Peoples’ Day protest organized by Decolonize This Place and other activist groups made a stop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday. [ARTnews]

The Critics

Maximilíano Durón reviews the Toronto Biennial, “a biennial that does justice to indigenous narratives.” [ARTnews]

And here is a look around the exhibition. [ARTnews]

Peter Schjeldahl on the revamped Museum of Modern Art in New York: “It’s time to say that the reconfiguration of the museum is, all in all, terrific.” [The New Yorker]


The Brooklyn Museum is selling an $8 million Francis Bacon painting from its collection at Sotheby’s. [ARTnews]

Reggie Nadelson tells the story of Fanelli’s in SoHo, “the second oldest watering hole in New York.” Recalling the neighborhood in the 1970s, one regular said that then-owner Michael Fanelli “was thinking of closing up, but then all these artists showed up and all these gals.” [T: The New York Times Style Magazine]


Artist and educator Nayland Blake offered a look inside their Brooklyn home. “There’s a particular way that culture is articulated in museums and galleries,” Blake said, “but then there’s another way that we all experience it through the stuff that we put in our houses.” [T: The New York Times Style Magazine]

And the writer and illustrator Vashti Harrison gave a peak inside her Brooklyn studio. [The New York Times]

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