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The Chinese Art Explosion

As works by Chinese artists fetch multimillion-dollar prices, the international art world is waking to the power of the Asian market. China has spawned hundreds of new galleries, 1,600 auction houses, art fairs, and growing numbers of contemporary-art collectors, while accusations surface that some are engaging in widespread speculation. Read More

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Inaugural Hong Kong Fair: ‘Major Players and Blue-Chip Works’

The city’s first international art fair, ART HK 08, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 14-18, attracted major players and blue-chip works of Western and Asian contemporary art, leading to high results by the end of the fair. Read More


Making 1,200 Museums Bloom

China, where the term “curator” did not exist ten years ago, is in the midst of a museum boom. But its fledgling institutions face many challenges—not least establishing an infrastructure for cultural activities, raising funds, battling bureaucracy, and challenging censorship. Read More

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High Demand Fuels Buying Frenzy at Art Basel Miami and Spinoff Fairs

With more than 40,000 visitors and 100 museum delegations in attendance, Art Basel Miami Beach boasted another year of superlative success. A need for crowd control was the only basis for complaint as collectors streamed into the Miami Beach Convention Center at noon on Dec. 7 and packed the hall for the next three days. Read More


Moonlight Sonata

For many artists, a day job is not just a way of keeping body and soul together—it also feeds and sustains their creative work. Read More

Beijing, 1997, by Rong Rong, who is often described as the black-and-white Nan Goldin. COURTESY THE ARTIST AND CHAMBERS FINE ART

Chinese Photography: Beyond Stereotypes

With the introduction of digital photography and high-tech printing facilities in China in the 1990s, a new generation of artists immediately embraced photo-based media as the perfect means for expressing the changes taking place around them. Read More

Jockum Nordström’s 2 2 collage The Coachman uses traditional folk-art motifs, such as the tree of life and symmetrical patterns. COURTESY DAVID ZWIRNER, NEW YORK

The New Visionaries

Contemporary artists are picking up where self-taught artists left off—with rough-hewn, unguarded styles some call faux naïve. Read More

Fischerspooner (with lead singer Casey Fischer in briefs) during its performance at Deitch Projects last spring. Courtesy Deitch Projects, New York

Art Rocks

From making sculptures out of melted LPs, to creating album covers and music videos, to playing in their own bands, a new generation of artists is blurring the distinction between the worlds of pop music and fine art. Read More

The roof of the MoMA QNS, where a stapler-shaped neon sign used to flash “Easy Loading” on top of the former Swingline factory. ERIC VAN DEN BRULLE

MoMA Makes Its Move

The Demoiselles d’Avignon and a host of other masterpieces take up residence in Queens. Read More


How Can You Think About Making Art at a Time Like This?

Artists respond to the World Trade Center tragedy. Artists respond to the World Trade Center tragedy. Read More


Lights, Action, Camera!

Taking its cue from movie directors, a generation of photographers is creating staged pictures to depict suburban nightmares, adolescent fantasies, and futuristic daydreams. Read More