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Installation view of Opera Calling at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, 2007. COURTESY !MEDIENGRUPPE BITNIK

Spy vs. Spy: Tech-Savvy Swiss Duo Bitnik Refines the Art of Espionage

‘I’ve hijacked your surveillance camera. How about a game of chess?” The words filled a closed-circuit television screen that only seconds before had shown commuters in London’s Charing Cross station. Whichever security guard read the message soon saw it replaced … Read More


Seeing the World Through Muscatel-Colored Glasses

From labels to wineries to Chardonnay-toned house paint, an exhibition considers the visual culture of wine. Read More


Magical Realism

Magicians—from dreadlocked Wiccans to Harry Houdini—inspire several new shows. Read More


His Own Best Critic

For Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, self-criticism was anything but negative. Read More