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Christie’s and Sotheby’s: On the Champagne Trail

In their competition for clients, the top auction houses resort to wining, dining, hand-holding, house calls, appraisals, loans, guarantees, single-work catalogues, and providing employment for consignors’ children. Read More


Smaller Houses Can Win Big

Although Christie’s and Sotheby’s dominate the international auction market, smaller auction houses around the world also vie aggressively to win property for their sales, going after primarily lower-end and middle-market material that sells for under $1 million, and often for considerably less. Read More

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Update: Gallerist Goes to Prison on Art Forgery Charges

On July 6 Ely Sakhai, owner of the Exclusive Art gallery, New York, was sentenced by a Manhattan federal judge to 41 months in federal prison and ordered to restitute $12.5 million to unsuspecting buyers caught in his scheme. Sakhai and his office manager Houshi Sandjaby, who was sentenced to three years’ probation, pleaded guilty last December to mail and wire-fraud charges for their involvement in the far-reaching art forgery scheme that spanned nearly two decades (see ANL, 3/30/04). Sakhai also was ordered to forfeit 11 paintings believed to be authentic versions of works he had forged. Read More


The Newfound Pollocks: Real or Fake?

Specialists on Jackson Pollock are divided over the authenticity of 32 newly discovered works said to be by the artist. Read More

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32 Purported Pollocks: Looking for a Consensus

The Pollock-Krasner Foun-dation, which disbanded its authentication board a decade ago, is looking into the authorship of 32 recently discovered artworks purported to be the creations of Jackson Pollock. Read More

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Martin Summers Opens New Gallery

Martin Summers, former managing director of London’s Lefevre Gallery, has opened a new gallery in London’s Chelsea, where he is currently showing works from the collection of Peter Cochrane, the London art dealer who died last year. Read More


The Selling of Jeff Koons

He made banality blue chip, pornography avant-garde, and tchotchkes into trophy art. How Jeff Koons, with the support of a small circle of dealers and collectors, masterminded his fame and fortune. Read More


Modernizing the Modern

Creating a balance between modern art and contemporary art was just one of the challenges confronting MoMA’s staff, which used the museum’s latest expansion as the occasion for soul-searching about what the museum has been, what it is, and what it wants to be. Read More

Realist paintings from the 1960s by Gerhard Richter, like Der Kongress (Professor Zander), 1965, can sell for as much as $10 million. ©CHRISTIE’S IMAGES

The 10 Most Expensive Living Artists

Tracking the highest prices paid for contemporary artworks. Read More

Tobias Meyer takes bids for a Mary Cassatt painting during the evening Impressionist and modern sale at Sotheby’s New York last May. The picture sold for $1,352,000. SOTHEBY’S

‘Walking a Tightrope without a Net’

Auctioneers at evening sales create a sense of drama in performances that can range from buoyant to burlesque. Read More

Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla’s Main Street, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1931, by Walker Evans. COURTESY SONDRA GILMAN AND CELSO GONZALEZ-FALLA

The Top 25 Photo Collectors

The most active, committed—and obsessed. Read More


The Most Wanted Works of Art

If a piece is “truly, truly to die for” and is still in private hands, it is no doubt on someone else’s wish list. Like that $100 million Cézanne. Read More



From death and displacement to questioning the role of artists and museums in the face of devastation to the loss of $100 million worth of art—the repercussions continue. Read More