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Natalia Goncharova, Espagnole, 1916, which sold for a record $10.2 million at Christie’s in 2010. Genuine high-quality works like these are few. COURTESY CHRISTIE’S

Avant-Garde Fairy Tales: Russian Avant-Garde Research Project Seeks to Untangle Facts, Fakes, and Fictions

Scandals have never been in short supply in the world of Russian avant-garde art, but the last few years have seen a bumper crop, with the controversial arrest of a respected Russian curator on fraud charges and, more recently, the … Read More


Protecting Goncharova’s Legacy

Alarmed by a proliferation of fakes—and books that promote them as real—Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery has appealed to the Russian government for help. Read More


The German-Russian Stalemate

With diplomatic efforts unable to resolve the trophy-art dilemma, museum officials in both countries are looking for a way to break the deadlock. Read More

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The subject of Young Woman Sleeping, ca. 1654, is Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt’s common-law wife. ©THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM

Reading Rembrandt’s Shorthand

Rembrandt Drawings
By Seymour Slive
Getty Publications, 260 pages, $49.95 Read More


Revealing the Hidden Clyfford Still

Hundreds of Still’s paintings were sealed off from the public for years while ominous rumors about their condition circulated. Now, in preparation for the opening of a museum dedicated to the artist, experts can finally see how the works have held up and what kind of treatment they need. Read More


The Blue Print

A 50-year-old fingerprint on the side of a paint can fuels an attribution to Jackson Pollock—and charges of forgery. Read More

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Off-the-Wall Totals at ArtCurial Reflect Reach of Graffiti Market

ArtCurial’s second Graffiti art sale at the Hôtel Dassault in Paris on Feb. 18, following the auctioneer’s debut sale last June, totaled E461,000 ($677,700) for about 75 lots offered. Read More


Rembrandt: Myth, Legend, Truth

Some have called him vulgar, ignorant, and greedy. To others he has been the ultimate misunderstood genius. He has represented the bohemian, the liberal, the Romantic, and the revolutionary. Beginning in his lifetime and ongoing as we celebrate his 400th birthday, opinions and beliefs about Rembrandt have changed with the centuries. Read More


Descendant of the Pharaohs

Zahi Hawass, the head of Egypt’s antiquities council, is mounting a campaign to repatriate artistic icons from museums around the world. Read More


Smoke Screen at the Stedelijk

New evidence suggests that the museum obscured the history of how it came by its Malevich collection. New evidence suggests that the museum obscured the history of how it came by its Malevich collection Read More