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Armory Week 2015 Market News
A work by Bazaar Teens in Dustin Yellin's section of Spring/Break.PHOTO BY ALEX GREENBERGER FOR ARTNEWS

At the Spring/Break Fair, Exhibitors Get Free Booths But Pay a Cut of Sales

One of the most talked- and written-about artist projects during Armory Week in New York, which began on March 5 and continues through Sunday, is happening not at one of the headliners—the Armory Show and the ADAA Art Show—but rather … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News

Ivy League: A Secret Garden at Johnen Galerie

Mounted at the very edge of Johnen Galerie’s booth at the Armory Show, evenly spaced square boards jut out of the wall in a column reminiscent of Donald Judd’s iconic stacks. This piece has a bit more humor, though, than … Read More

Armory Week 2015

All That Glitters: The Armory Show Is a House of Mirrors

Do the fairs get shinier every year? As more and more people crowd the aisles of the Armory Show, they are being endlessly multiplied in the gleaming surfaces of sundry sculptures and wall-mounted works. Selfies and reflections abound. A giant PVD-coated … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News

‘Who Is This New, Hot Young Artist?’ Fresh Frank Stella at Boesky

A trio of new works by Frank Stella won over a slew of fairgoers cruising the Armory Show’s opening day—even ones who didn’t know they were by the minimalist master.

Armory Week 2015 News

Leaks Call for Emergency ‘Diapers’ on Pier 94’s Ceiling

It’s easy to forget, while cruising the aisles of the Armory Show, that there is water coursing beneath our feet. It’s harder to ignore when the water is above our heads. Recent snows and a sudden March thaw exacerbated a … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News

I Can Show You the Art Fair: Taking a Magic Carpet Ride Through the Armory Show

The Armory Show opened Wednesday afternoon at Piers 92 and 94 on the far west side of Manhattan. It’s a tricky spot to navigate under ideal circumstances, but if you think it’s tough working your way through the crowds of collectors drifting … Read More

Artists Dispatches

After the Flood: Douglas Gordon and Hélène Grimaud at the Park Avenue Armory

A pianist as powerful and enigmatic as the notes flowing from her instrument, playing in the center of a vast, empty space steadily filling with water sounds like the kind of haunting dream that might prompt William Blake to pick … Read More

Alanna Heiss and David Teiger, Opening night, Kristin Baker, Surge and Shadow, Deitch Projects 18 Wooster Street, March 15, 2007, Photo credit: Kristy Leibowitz

David Teiger, Collector and Arts Patron, Dies at 85

David Teiger, a New Jersey management consultant who amassed a broad collection of modern, folk, and contemporary artwork, died on Sunday of natural causes following an illness at the age of 85. His personal assistant Cabrina Potence confirmed the news … Read More


Koons Kalamity: Whitney Wall Tagged in Late-Night Graffiti Strike [Updated]

A vandal hit the Whitney Museum of American Art after midnight today, spray painting a string of black letters across a fourth-floor wall. The museum was open all night as part of a 36-hour swan song for “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective.” According to a … Read More


Documenta 14 Will Be Held in Athens and Kassel

Ever since Greece accepted a €240 billion ($308 billion) bailout from the E.U. and I.M.F. in 2010, relations between Germany and Greece have been the focus of international scrutiny. Soon, the art world will consider the two countries through the … Read More


New York’s Martos Gallery Plans Los Angeles Branch

New York’s Martos Gallery, which has staged shows under the banner of its Shoot the Lobster project space in cities the world over, will open a permanent location in Los Angeles. The new location, which at 1,000 square feet is smaller … Read More

Book Roundups Books Web Exclusive
Luke Frost and Theresa Vandling, Abstraction, from The Duchamp Dictionary, 2014.

14 New Art-History Books to Change Your Mind

Duchamp’s dictionary, Picasso’s (other) muse, Lucy Lippard’s landscapes, and Hans Ulrich Obrist’s map quests are among the subjects of recent volumes that expand the story of art Read More

Book Roundups Books Web Exclusive
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Ten Creative, Disorienting, Enlightening, and Sometimes Frightening Monographs and Catalogues

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Koons, Marisol, Lygia Clark, and Lee Bontecou are among the subjects of major books this season Read More