Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market
Walter Robinson at Lynch Tham's booth at Pulse.

At Pulse Miami Beach, Walter Robinson Offers Up Clothing Catalogs, Porn

This year the Miami edition of Pulse art fair decamped from its longtime home in the Ice Palace in Miami proper for a tent in Indian Park Beach in Miami Beach—a major improvement in terms of location, spaciousness, and lighting. … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market

Here’s The Full List of Everything Going From MOCA to The ICA

Last week in my story about the creation of the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami and its offshoot the Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, I pointed out that while 70 percent of the MOCA collection will stay at that … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market
Art Basel in Miami Beach | Public | Ryan Gander | Courtesy: MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG

Nicholas Baume on Ryan Gander’s Bodyguard Performance: ‘It Felt Slightly Odd’

The first two nights of Art Basel Miami Beach, the already important Public Art Fund Director and Chief Curator Nichalas Baume seemed significantly more important. That’s because the artist Ryan Gander— whose breeze you may remember from Documenta 13—hired two professional … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market

A Look Around the Untitled Art Fair in Miami Beach

The Miami fairs closed yesterday, and now the only remains of the wild week of Art Basel Miami Beach are memories and photographs. Among the highlights was the return, for a third year, of the Untitled fair in a tent on the beach near 12th Street. It’s … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market
A NADA visitor using the Oculus Rift headset.

Jon Rafman Had a Great Virtual Reality Piece at NADA

Earlier this week, on the 11th floor of the Deauville hotel, home to the NADA art fair in Miami, virtual reality system to recreate and deconstruct that very room. You experience the piece from the balcony. You’re told to stand … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market
A Miami Beach postcard from 1964.1950SUNLIMITED/FLICKR

ARTnews’ Complete 2014 Art Basel Miami Beach Coverage

Below, a continuously updated list of ARTnews’ reports from Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Basel Miami Beach – A Tour of Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 – Copleys Are All Over Miami Basel – Naptime With Marina Abramovic – Liz Glynn and Dawn Kasper … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market
Fun in the sun

A List of Things at Art Basel Miami Beach That I Don’t Like, In the Order In Which They Occur to Me

I arrived to the party for Glenn O’Brien, celebrating his TV Party show, at Casa Claridge on the early side. The hotel lobby was bathed in hot light from production lamps because a crew was filming the proceedings. A guy … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market
The panel.

No Filters At The Art Basel Miami Beach Instagram Panel

Had the concept of art fairs existed in 1410 (the date of some of the earliest surviving canvases), would we have had panels about canvas that praised it as a medium? Would we even have had to ask how canvas … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market
The work.

Meyer Vaisman: If I Still Owned Work in Rubell Collection ‘I Would Destroy It’

Right now, the Rubell Family Collection in Miami is hosting an exhibition called “To Have and to Hold,” toasting the 50 years that Don and Mera Rubell have been married and collecting art. It features work from their holdings by … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market

Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe Get Metafictional in Miami

The artists Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman staged their performance Shadow Pool: A Natural History of the San San International at the Edition hotel in Miami Thursday night. Freeman sat at a table in front of a large crowd and … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market parties
Courtesy Neil Rasmus / BFA

Art Goes Off the Record and Off the Rails at the W

Women in one-piece bathing suits and illuminated lampshades welcomed visitors to the Dom Pérignon-sponsored after-party for Aby Rosen’s dinner at Wall, the club in the W South Beach, last night, which, despite having a color-coded wristband entry system, still left … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market
The awed crowd watching from PAMM.

DIS Magazine Organizes Astounding, Unreal Performance at Pérez Art Museum Miami

Last night, the Pérez Art Museum Miami celebrated the one-year anniversary of its move into its very beautiful Herzog & de Meuron-designed building with a party that included the DJ supergroup Future Brown (who have a great video on view … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market
Sergei Tcherepnin at Overduin & Co.

Sergei Tcherepnin Wins 2014 Artadia/NADA Award

Artadia: The Fund for Art & Dialogue, a nonprofit arts organization started by banker Chris Vroom, announced that Sergei Tcherepnin is the winner of this year’s Artadia/NADA Award prize, which is presented to one artist at the NADA Miami Beach each year. It … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Market price check
Van de Weghe's Basquiat

Price Check: Art Basel Miami Beach

At art fairs, the ARTnews team checks in from time to time with dealers at certain booths to hear about any sales they’ve made. These disclosures are collected in a completely non-scientific fashion and based mainly on which booths have … Read More