2015 Venice Biennale News

Simon Denny, Representing New Zealand, Exposes the Language of State Surveillance

The grand Piazzetta de San Marco, located in the center of the city, has become a hub for investigations of state power for the run of this year’s Biennale. On one end, the Museo Correr is playing host to Jenny … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale Artists News
Sean Lynch respresenting Ireland at the Artiglierie of the Arsenale.

A Look Around the Venice Biennale: Day 3, Part 1

On day three of the Venice Biennale preview, many visitors began to make their way out of the main exhibition and into the surrounding pavilions and events. Below, a mix of Joan Jonas, Cheetos at the Spanish pavilion, and more … Read More

Dispatches News
Leo Fitzpatrick.

All Grown Up Now: Leo Fitzpatrick to Join Marlborough Chelsea As Director

This May the artist, actor, and downtown don Leo Fitzpatrick joined Marlborough Chelsea as a director. Fitzpatrick will sell art and curate shows in his own distinctive style in pop-up spaces within the 25th Street gallery.The news follows the January … Read More


La Monte Young’s Unending Thoughts: The Composer Pays a Visit to Red Bull Academy

Yesterday evening, a group of people crowded into the Red Bull Academy Headquarters in Chelsea to hear the composer La Monte Young speak about his work. Red Bull had plastered images of Young around the city, in which he appears … Read More

Artists News
David Salle, "This is the Fun," 2014-15.COURTESY SKARSTEDT GALLERY

‘It’s Not Nice to Kick the Dead, But In This One Case I Don’t Really Care’: An Hour With David Salle

David Salle is remarkably measured in his thinking, prone to prefacing any vaguely provocative statement with a phrase like “of course these are generalizations and there are always exceptions and you could create a counterargument if you were to take … Read More

India as the east, Pakistan as the west.


Morning Links: ‘My East is your West’ Edition

Edward Snowden’s bust, removed from Fort Greene last month, has been released from police custody and handed over to Postmasters Gallery for a show starting tomorrow. [Blouin Artinfo]A list of participating galleries in the upcoming Seattle Art Fair was just … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale News
Martin Wong, INRI, 1984.

At the Punta Della Dogana, Danh Vo Offers a Moving Selection of Martin Wongs

The most elegant show in Venice? That would have to be “Slip of the Tongue,” the exhibition that artist Danh Vo has organized at billionaire François Pinault’s museum at the Punta della Dogana. Vo’s layout is about as spare as you can get … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale News
Heri Dono's Voyage-Trokomod for the 2015 Venice Biennale. Credit Luciano Romano.

In Deep Water: The Pavilions of Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Tuvalu in Venice

The Venice Biennale, with its global array of national pavilions, allows visitors to make like Marco Polo and sail east, while remaining rooted in the West. The Korean and Japanese pavilions in the Giardini are a good place to start, but … Read More

Picasso's Petit carré au visage, one of his "lesser-knowns." 


Harvard Business School Warns of Picassos Flooding the Market

Adding to the other upheavals the art market is currently faced with—the possible repeal of the tax code darling known as the “1031 Exchange,” the amendment of the California Resale Royalties Act—an article published today on Harvard Business School’s Working … Read More

Archipelago edition of My Struggle Book Four.

Judging a Book By Its Cover: Designing Knausgaard’s ‘Struggle’

Much has been written about Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle series, perhaps too much.But amidst the rave reviews, the one area that hasn’t quite been pointed out enough is how fantastic the cover art on them is, especially in the … Read More

Guggenheim Museum. 


Morning Links: Guggenheim Edit-a-thon Edition

Timothy Rodgers, director of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, will be stepping down this month after a six-year tenure. [Artforum]Police searched Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and questioned staff members about a scheme to transfer Russian art abroad illegally. [The Guardian]What is photography’s place … Read More

Market News

Sotheby’s Opens Spring Auctions With $368.3 M. Impressionist and Modern Sale

On Tuesday, and amid most of the art world’s late spring break to the opening of the Venice Biennale, Sotheby’s kicked off New York’s auction season with a strong sale that saw impressive results for Vincent van Gogh and Claude … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale News
Sarah Lucas at the Great Britain pavilion.

A Look Around the Venice Biennale: Day 1

The Venice Biennale opened to invited guests today. Below, a brief look at some of the 70 national pavilions that are participating and the scene in the city right now. Among the offerings: an indigenous Australian smoking ceremony, Sarah Lucas’s display at Britain’s pavilion, and … Read More

Sculpture 1, to be installed between 52nd and 53rd Streets.


Santiago Calatrava Sculptures Will Line The Park Avenue Meridian

In addition to his stegosaurus of a World Trade Center Transportation Hub, due to open later this year, neofuturist architect/sculptor/painter Santiago Calatrava will drop seven spiky sculptures along the Park Avenue meridian—three red, two black, and two silver—amongst the usual hedges … Read More