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Armory Week 2016 Retrospective

Intelligent Interest in American ‘Moderns’: An Armory Show Competitor Arises, in 1916

‘The exhibition will represent the largest collection of the new art works ever shown in this country, with the exception of the Armory show’ Read More

Armory Week 2016 Market News
Installation view of the booth for Buchmann Galerie, Berlin. KATHERINE MCMAHON/ARTNEWS

A Tour of the 2016 Armory Show’s Contemporary Section

The Armory Show opened to press and invited guests on Wednesday at Piers 92 and 94 on Manhattan’s West Side. It runs through this Sunday. Below, a look at the action in the fair’s section for contemporary art, which takes up … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market News
Hamantashen on offer at one of the Breads Bakery stands at the Armory Show.ARTNEWS

Sales, Reserves, and Prices at the 2016 Armory Show

The Armory Show opened to press and invited guests on Wednesday, and celebrities and collectors were out in force. There was Neil Patrick Harris! And over there, Sofia Coppola! John Waters! That guy who plays Cyclops in the X-Men movie! Art was for … Read More

Armory Week 2016 Market News
A woman at The Armory Show carrying editions of Ed Young, Your Mom Balloon, 2016. ©KATHERINE MCMAHON/ARTNEWS

A Controversial South African Artist Claims Censorship, Releases ‘Your Mom’ Balloons at the Armory Show

Upon entering the contemporary pier of the Armory Show on Wednesday, the first thing fair attendees saw was a gigantic board hanging from the ceiling that proclaims, in bold letters, “ALL SO FUCKING AFRICAN.” Further complicating things was what’s installed below it: … Read More


‘Looking at Art In A Tent Is Like Eating Chicken From A Bucket’: A Chat With Benjamin Genocchio, the New Director of The Armory Show

“There’s no reason why New York doesn’t have an outstanding art fair,” said Benjamin Genocchio, who on Thursday was named the new director of the Armory Show. “And I want to find a new model that works in this environment. Basel, they’re … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 Features

Noah Horowitz, Art Basel’s Newly Minted Macher, Takes His Talents to South Beach

This past September, Noah Horowitz, clean-cut, in his mid-30s, and with a mild professorial mien, arrived on time for our interview at Cookshop, a restaurant in the heart of New York’s Chelsea art district. He unbuttoned his suit jacket, sat … Read More

News The Talent

Art Basel Hires Noah Horowitz, Armory Show Head, to Lead Miami Beach Fair

Today Art Basel announced that it has tapped Noah Horowitz, the director of the Armory Show fair in New York since 2011, to be its Director Americas, which will put him in charge of Art Basel’s annual December edition in Miami Beach, Florida. … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
Razvan Boar, Ass Smile, 2015.

A Truffle Pig Heads for the Piers: Kenny Schachter in New York (Part 1)

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator, and writer. The opinions expressed here are his own. The second part of Schachter’s Armory Week report is here.There should be a rule in art journalism: always lead with Damien Hirst. Hirst is having … Read More

Armory Week 2015

All That Glitters: The Armory Show Is a House of Mirrors

Do the fairs get shinier every year? As more and more people crowd the aisles of the Armory Show, they are being endlessly multiplied in the gleaming surfaces of sundry sculptures and wall-mounted works. Selfies and reflections abound.A giant PVD-coated stainless … Read More

Armory Week 2015

Some Monsters Loom Large at the Armory Show

At the Fredericks & Freiser booth, dark and striking were paintings by Mark Thomas Gibson, a Yale School of Art grad and Kara Walker’s studio assistant. One painting, Searchlight, blares the words in all caps: “Some Monsters Loom Large.” The lettering is … Read More

Armory Week 2015
Socratis Socratous's installation, Incarnation  in the Focus: MENAM Lounge, part of The Breeder, Athens.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Contemporary Section

As the Armory Show’s first day starts to wrap up, here is a brief tour of our highlights from the Contemporary Section on Pier 94, which boasts 143 exhibitors, including art world celebrity sightings and works by Jonathan Owen, Brad … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
The only thing better than a Bob Thompson is a double-sided Bob Thompson. This is from 1963, titled The Expulsion—note the rather frightening, shadowy figure who appears to wield a large weapon—and is at Detroit's David Klein Gallery.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Modern Section

The Armory Show has been open for only a few hours, but Champagne bottles are popping with impressive regularity, red dots denoting sales are appearing next to works, and gargantuan croissants are being snapped up at the outpost of Breads Bakery. The Modern section on … Read More

Armory Week 2015 News
Detail from Brandon Ballengée's "The Frameworks of Absence," 2006–present.

Don’t Kill the Birds: Brandon Ballengée’s Environmentalist Call to Action

The woodpeckers, sheep, and butterflies you love are dying, which is why the altered lithographs in Brandon Ballengée’s “The Frameworks of Absence,” on view at the Ronald Feldman Fine Arts booth in the Armory Show, feel so dour.Ballengée wears three … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Graphics Market

Just How International Is The Armory Show?

The Armory Show, which opens its 17th edition in New York next Wednesday, bills itself as “a leading international contemporary and modern art fair.” But just how international is it? We looked at where its exhibitors are based, and discovered that … Read More