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Carol Stringari.

Guggenheim Receives $3 M. Endowment for Conservation From the Mellon Foundation

The Guggenheim Museum’s conservation department has received a $3 million challenge grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support its conservation efforts.The grant, which the museum will need to match two-to-one (raising an additional $6 million), endows the position of deputy director and chief … Read More

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Edgar Degas_Rehearsal in the Studio_slider

Degas and Cassatt: The Untold Story of Their Artistic Friendship

Mary Cassatt has long been considered a pupil of Degas. But an upcoming exhibition at the National Gallery of Art shows that creative influence went both ways Read More

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Fresh Prints: MoMA Washes Pollock’s Hands

Using art history, chemistry, and detective work, conservators uncover intriguing details in three classic paintings Read More